‘Show and Tell’ Toolbox Time!

I often talk about fibro toolboxes. But what are they? A toolbox is really an idea, it can be anything you use to get you through a flare. Your toolbox can be made up of tactile components or psychological practices you have learned. Some use both. There are no rules.

Remember a flare is temporary, but it is an increase in the severity of your symptoms! You need to do whatever works for you to get through this flare. Along with the severity of pain, co-existing conditions may act up, cognitive difficulties surface and don’t forget depressive episodes that are more severe may increase.

I will show you how I put together my toolbox for flares I experience. I have an at home container, a day bag, and an emergency purse pouch. At the end of the video, I talk about seeing a medical journal that MJ Aragon has put together and will be discussing. I am a guest on her podcast, Fibro Warrior: My New Normal very soon, I believe this video will walk us right into her segment. As soon as she records that podcast, I will post it for you.

Here we go, I hope this is helpful! My toolbox and Dezzie makes a guest appearance too!


Update: Operator Error!

I have to show two videos! I realized my medical information was a bit TMI, so I cut that out of the first video and did a shorter follow-up medical video! I hope you will still get the information you need from the updated version.



“Saves me from looking like a very, very, ill person.”




Sorry for the abrupt endings… wow. I’m a newbie so give me a few months to figure all this out!



IMG_3985 (1)~Kim


      1. I will have to send pics of mine sometime. I only use ONE purse, and it is organized exactly the same way each time (my hands are numb) so it helps me “find” things if they are in the same spot. Change of clothes, depends catheters etc in my trunk bag with extra meds….it sure does make it easier

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