Facebook Folly

I did it. I commented on a politically charged question on a friend’s Facebook page. Basically, this is a new friend, but I have known his girlfriend for a long time. I do not know this new friend’s friends.

The short story is I’m tired of hearing about the minimum wage, should it be raised, should it stay the same? Is it a LIVING wage? Try living on disability! Those who are working minimum wage jobs have the freedom to look for different positions. Those who receive Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) do not have that luxury.

We can’t look for a new service to pay our SSDI. We cannot even supplement our income without worry! If by some divine act we manage to make an extra $600. as added income in one month, we will be penalized! We may even be taken off SSDI.

Back to the Facebook folly, I opened the door by commenting. I engaged in a politically charged comment section and was taken down by person after person. I expected my stance would lead to some negative comments coming back at me. I got way more than I ever thought. I was accused of having no empathy. I was told my comment was bullshit. Told my food should be poisoned. Then an individual went to my Facebook page and took screenshots of memes I had posted from the Tiny Buddha site, posted them, and claimed he was surprised to see these on my timeline. That’s only the highlights, I won’t even get into the rest of the comments.

I was going to stand my ground. Afterall, we hadn’t even got to the point of my comment which was SSDI. So I figured do your worst. Call me names and threaten to poison my food. But let’s address SSDI as well as the minimum wage! All these people were claiming that they “loved” the “human race” and this was unfair to not raise the minimum wage… not one word about SSDI. I shot comments back at their accusations, but not one person commented on the SSDI.

When the screenshots of my personal timeline showed up in the comment section, I realized this was going too far. It feels like a violation when a stranger looks at your Facebook page and takes screenshots of it.  Then this stranger cherry picks posts to share without my permission? No way. So I deleted my comments. I bowed out. I was fighting a losing battle.

I went into the Facebook setting to heighten my security. The screenshot incident really freaked me out. I found out that the options for “who can see your posts” has changed. Now you have three choices; just me, friends or public. If you select friends, any friend of the person you friend will also have access to your Facebook page.

There will be no more Facebook follies in my future. I made the initial comment. I took my hits. But screenshots of my page? That is where ‘all is fair’ ended for me.