To Do; Medical Notes!

There has to be a more appealing way to do this, but I at least have a quick way to organize your medical notes to bring with you to every medical appointment you have, including dental appointments! I’m a big fan of “MyChart” implemented on a website in the medical arena. I use it, but not all hospitals and clinics have the internet port for shared information. And some, use a different internet program altogether. Bummer for us!


So let’s go over what is the most important for you to carry with you, in your purse or on your person at all times. Then you decide if you want to put this information on your phone, in a computer file you can print out and carry with you or simply handwrite this info out. Whatever works best for you!


Your Name and Personal Information. Date of birth and street address, with a phone number and emergency contact. Simple!

Next list your Medical Providers; their business addresses and phone numbers. Do this for EVERY physician, specialist, therapist, and dentist you currently see. Get that information down.

Medical Conditions you have been diagnosed with! List them.

Now have a section for Illnesses and Surgeries. I did a timeline. You may want to do a timeline for each, one for illnesses and one for surgeries. (I chose to do a timeline from birth combining the two, but what will work best for you?) Just get the month and the year down to the medical event. Do NOT forget to list In-Patient hospital stays and Emergency Room visits. Remember as best you can the tests and procedures you had done and write those down as well.

Finally Medications. List our your current medications, supplements and PRN medications (as needed). List your allergies. In a separate category list your Medication History. Try to remember medications you have taken, the medication dosages, the effect this medication had on you and why it was discontinued.

Much of this information you can request from medical records and your pharmacy. Just give them a call, and I have found the records personnel to be very helpful in sending me what I need. One exception, they do not go back farther than seven years. Just like taxes, medical records older than seven years are destroyed, so, get working on this!

Just follow this outline and remember to carry this with you at all times! This is part of excelling at being a responsible patient. And it is worth every minute you work on this because when the nurse or doctor asks you a question and you hand them your list, oh! The look on their face is priceless!

  • Name and Personal Information
  • Medical Providers
  • Medical Conditions
  • Illnesses and Surgeries
  • In Patient Hospital stays
  • Emergency Room visits
  • Medications
  • Allergies
  • Medication History 


Take charge of your health and live your best life!