A Guest Appearance!

I have some great news! I am going to be on the podcast, Fibro Warrior; My New Normal with the host and my friend, MJ Aragon! All I know is we are going to tape my part next week and then it will air on an upcoming podcast. Have you ever listened to her podcasts? You can go SELRES_2140fe00-8afd-4e8b-bd86-f5e15a503fc1SELRES_7bac3ae1-6c1f-447c-93cc-2a1ab1e4e885SELRES_7bac3ae1-6c1f-447c-93cc-2a1ab1e4e885SELRES_2140fe00-8afd-4e8b-bd86-f5e15a503fc1on SoundCloud. I usually wait until they are posted on YouTube because I enjoy seeing my friends on TV.

We are going to be discussing Fibro Toolboxes. The actual toolbox container you keep at home and items you keep in it. The ‘go-bag’ or ‘day-bag’ that you take with you when you go out to an appointment or to meet a friend. We will also talk about the purse pouch, and the items you should always keep with you for the unexpected or emergency situation.

I will not be the first person on a YouTube podcast. My DAD beat me to the punch! It is kind of interesting if you want to listen to a real story of what it was like to grow up with no electricity or running water, dirt poor, on a farm… I never, ever have to wonder if my Dad loves me! I lucked out in that department and got a good Dad. The things he has seen in his lifetime! Well, I am going off script and posting his story. We currently have a lake home on the farm property that I share with my siblings. We also restored his boyhood home. The houses sit on the property almost side by side.


My Dad…


I will let you know when my podcast debut arrives! Until then, check out MJ’s podcast if you have a chance. She does a great job and has some fascinating topics that she covers.

FullSizeRender 87~ Me and my dad around 1994!


  1. That’s awesome Kim! Can’t wait to see it and thanks for including the clip with your Dad. So easy to forget to be thankful for “the little things”!
    Happy for you ~ Tamara

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  2. Oh wow, that’s amazing he’s on YouTube, thank you for sharing! Also looking forward to upcoming Podcast, I love the idea of a physical toolbox (I have one myself but like to update it and look for new ideas of what to add) 🙂 Caz x

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