Add, Edit and Delete Categories and Tags

Cavelle has answered some basic questions we newbies (yes, even after a year, I’m a newbie!) have about SEO and in particular, she does a tutorial to answer my question about categories and tags.

A Christian In Bloom

Hey guys! 🙂

So I have been getting some great feedback from my beginner SEO post I wrote yesterday. So glad I could help! 😀 I mentioned in my post that if you had any questions I would be happy to answer them and today I received one and so I decided to make an answer video and walk you through it 🙂

For anyone who missed my last post and is interested in learning some core SEO practices please see the link below this video!

New To SEO? Don’t Worry! It’s Not As Scary As You Think.

Also, I invite you to check out Terri at Reclaiming Hope 

And our question giver of the day Kim over at I tripped over a Stone

Thanks again for the great feedback and feel free to ask questions I promise I won’t bite! 😉

Take Care & God Bless ❤


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