Six Lousy Days

Part of all the new changes in my life, well our lives (the hubs and me) has been getting medical insurance. So we each got individual insurance. I started searching back in October. It was a horrible, expensive and lengthy process. I don’t want to go into the politics of all of it, but Obama Care is not my friend. I lost my independent insurance coverage because of Obama Care and my husband’s insurance costs tripled! It was a nightmare when it began, and it is still a nightmare now. Obama Care for the self-employed is a joke! Don’t believe me? Make a few calls for individual health insurance coverage then we’ll talk.

Thankfully, due to my chronic illness, I am eligible for Medicare. The paperwork was a lengthy process. Extremely time-consuming and not very user-friendly. It’s not the best coverage, but it is affordable. The quotes for my husband started at $580. a month and climbed rapidly from there. What the heck???  This makes no sense! He is healthy! Well, I found a supplemental medical insurance plan for him.

I had to make an earnest judgment call. Get myself or my husband covered right away. I chose him, he is out every single day driving, that’s how he makes a living for us. One car accident and we are done without health insurance! Car accidents happen every day, so I was absolutely getting him covered first. After days of searching and calling for medical plan estimates that bordered on absurd I found a life insurance policy that carried supplemental health insurance. Yes! I put life insurance on him. Don’t get me wrong, it is a small policy but it came with health insurance! According to the Obama Care Act, it isn’t the correct kind of coverage so we will be fined. BUT if something happens it will pay his medical bills so I don’t really care what the government has to say, we are covered! Fine me!

Now the problem… I received Medicare coverage January first, 2018. My medication began running out January first, and I will be completely out tomorrow, January fifth. The issue with Medicare is the ‘red tape.’ I was contacted by my Medicare plan manager Tuesday, January third. I was told my medication would be mailed to me in seven to ten days.

Seven to ten days? That won’t work!!! I need my medication refills now! (Too bad.)

It is day three of the seven to ten-day run. Day three. Already without two of my medications, the rest will be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow! Withdrawal, body aches, shooting pain, it’s all coming at me like a freight train. I am a bit frightened, but I know I can get through this. I know I can make it a few more days… I know it! I have worst case scenario, six days to go.

I have put together a plan! Every trick in my book will be tested and used! Twenty years of trial and error will be brought to fruition tomorrow. All over the counter medications that could possibly work have been purchased and my fibromyalgia toolbox is out and ready. I am prepared for the days of agony that will come. As long as I keep my wits about me, I can make it six more days. Six lousy days! 

I asked for expedited shipping, here’s to hoping for the best outcome!