Fibromyalgia for a day.

Six Lousy Days

One of the new changes in my life, well our lives, (the hubs and me) has been getting medical insurance. So we each got individual insurance. I started searching back in October. It was a horrible, expensive and lengthy process. I don’t want to go into the politics of all of it, but Obama Care is not my friend. I lost my independent insurance coverage because of Obama Care and my husband’s insurance through his work tripled! It was a nightmare when it began, and it is still a nightmare now. Jeff has since become self-employed. Obama Care for the self-employed is a joke! Don’t believe me? Make a few calls for individual health insurance coverage then we’ll talk.

Thankfully, due to my chronic illness, I am eligible for Medicare. The paperwork was a lengthy process. Extremely time-consuming and not very user-friendly. It’s not the best coverage, but it is affordable. But. The quotes for my husband started at $580. a month and climbed rapidly from there. This makes no sense! He is healthy! Well, I found a supplemental medical insurance plan for him called life insurance!

I had to make an earnest judgment call. Get myself or my husband covered right away. I chose him, he is out every single day driving Uber, that’s how he makes a living for us. One car accident and we are done without health insurance! Car accidents happen every day, so I was absolutely getting him covered first. After days of searching and calling for medical plan estimates that bordered on absurd I found a life insurance policy that carried supplemental health insurance. Yes! I put life insurance on him. Don’t get me wrong, it is a small policy but it came with health insurance! According to the Obama Care Act, it isn’t the correct ‘kind’ of coverage so we will be fined. BUT if something happens it will pay his medical bills so I don’t really care what the government has to say, we are covered! Fine me!

Now the problem… I received Medicare coverage January first, 2018. My medication began running out January first, and I will be completely out tomorrow, January fifth. The issue with Medicare is the ‘red tape.’ I was contacted by my Medicare plan manager on Tuesday, January third. I was told my medication would be mailed to me in seven to ten days.

Seven to ten days? That won’t work!!! I need my medication refills now! (Too bad.)

It is day three of the seven to ten-day run. Day three. Already without two of my medications, the rest will be gone tomorrow. Tomorrow! Withdrawal, body aches, shooting pain, it’s all coming at me like a freight train. I am a bit frightened, but I know I can get through this. I know I can make it a few more days… I know it! I have, the worst case scenario, six days to go.

I have put together a plan! Every trick in my book will be tested and used! Twenty years of trial and error will be brought to fruition tomorrow. All over the counter medications that could possibly work have been purchased and my fibromyalgia toolbox is out and ready. I am prepared for the days of agony that will come. As long as I keep my wits about me, I can make it six more days. Six lousy days! 

I asked for expedited shipping, here’s to hoping for the best outcome!




  1. This is hideous, and just pisses me off! It’s like my husband, who is also on Medicare and has supplemental insurance, but because of his Parkinson’s Disease, he fell and needed to go to the Emergency Room. While I am still waiting for that bill to arrive, it is not fair that there are others who will get a visit to the Emergency Room for free without having worked a day in their lives. Our health care system is broken and has been for a very long time!

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  2. We experienced the same thing when Jeff was admitted for chest pains. He ended up being covered even as a new employee BUT a social worker gave me all the paperwork to fill out in case he was not yet covered! Our visit would have been free! BUT, he had medical coverage and a steep bill came our way three weeks later. I was so sorry to hear of Mike’s fall. Cracked ribs are no fun! Our medical insurance system is whacked. Hang in there my friend! Love ya!~Kim


  3. Kim, I can’t believe how our lives yet again parallel each other! I am facing this change by the end of the month when COBRA ends and I switch (after it ends) to my husband’s catastrophic plan that will cost me MORE than my COBRA. And not being able to sign up until I get the termination letter is ridiculous! The thought of being without medications and the withdrawal scares me to death, and some can cause serious side-effects like seizures! A friend told me my pharmacist may work with me and fill only a few pills in my prescription until I can get this figured out. Not sure if you may have that option? Our insurance system is so beyond broken I have difficulty holding on to any hope that this will somehow work out for me. I will be praying for you and know that I am always available to listen. We warrrors must stick together to win this war!! Stay strong my friend. Xo
    ~ Tamara

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    1. Hello my friend! Yes, the insurance system is so broken! I wish I had an answer for you!!! But as you read, I am in the same struggle. I have worked with pharmacists before, but since I opted for the mailing plan, the pharmacy that mails my meds OWNS my RX. I know that sounds really weird but that is how it is. Even though I know my local pharmacist, he cannot fill a partial RX for me as he has done in the past… I’m going to miss my pharmacist! You go purchase everything you can, OTC. And use the prescription amounts, look online. Or email me if you need some numbers and I can tell you what I have on hand. This is NOT the best option, taking prescription medication is the long term goal after finding out what works for you. If you are still dealing with a pharmacist, they should be willing to work with you as long as they have an up to date RX on hand… The hoops you have to jump through for medicare will be nerve wracking! I called my medical office and asked to be matched with a social worker who helped me through the medicare program, signing up and forms, etc… it took about a month to do all the paperwork! Get a social worker who KNOWS medicare to help you. I think I’m pretty savvy but I couldn’t do this paperwork on my own! No way! Shoot Tamara! You need anything, get ahold of me! I’m so bummed you will be facing this too. Take care of You!!! ~Kim xo


      1. You are such a blessing to me Kim. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that God put you in my path. Please take very good care of yourself and I will be praying for you my friend. I am sending you healing love and energy sweet lady!

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  4. Yes, it is frustrating and we are a number when we call for help… they can be downright rude! But that is our system. Really a shame. Thanks for the encouragement about my book! I so hope my book can be a positive for others that are struggling not only to understand but also how to cope with a chronic illness. ~Kim


  5. I’m really sorry you are going through this. Could your dr call in a few days of meds that you can buy to tide you over? If you need help with the cost, I’m here for you. You shouldn’t have to go without meds.
    I have better insurance stories.
    I had COBRA after leaving my job, but the Co decided to stop offering health insurance so my COBRA would end in 3 months. That is why we through our wedding together so soon after Stuart’s mother’s death. Yep, we got married so I could have insurance. 😲
    We had Obamacare when Stuart was laid off, it was a godsend. It was espensive, but we got the highest plan. I got my cochlear implants with that coverage, that surgery is about $100,000, I paid $150. Our insurance with his company wasn’t that good. Now I’m on his policy at work and Medicare. His insurance is primary and Medicare is secondary, that way Medicare often picks up a lot of the bill that his insurance didn’t. Like the high deductions we have to pay.
    Medicare has covered almost everything I’ve needed, we’ve needed to call a few times, but we’re shocked when we got through fairly quickly. The people there seem to be so beat down, I think they are used to people yelling at them. They seemed surprised that Stuart was nice. Our questions were answered and the problem fixed, turns out that a lot of drs file medicare claims wrong. So if they deny a claim, call, it may be that the dr’s office is in error.
    We had a really hard time with medical bills before medicare because Stuart’s policy is HIGH deductible.
    I hope things work out for the best.
    Love ya Kim,

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    1. Wow. Thank you for all the information! I will definitely need to remember this. I know they are beaten down by upset consumers and I try to be chipper when I talk to them even though they are not. But I do get straight answers, there is no gray area. It was my choice to wait until January 1st to receive it so I will deal with the ramifications. Nothing to do but ride it out. I appreciate your kind offer. I appreciate the support!!! Love ya Wen!Kim


  6. Oh Kim, what an absolute headache and nightmare. I’m so sorry you’re having to go through all of this, and without meds for so long… Sending you my best wishes and keeping my fingers crossed you get meds asap. xx

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