I Surrender, 2018.

Hello, 2018!

I have learned in this life, we need to reach a point when we realize that to surrender is good. Anything or anyone that is no longer a positive in our lives needs to be let go of. Those things that do not serve our best interests only feed our own fears. We must be able to define and surrender some relationships, some preconceived notions, and some things. It is healthy to surrender. Make some decisions.  Then let it go, give it away, stop feeding it. Once that decision is made, and you genuinely surrender, fear stops.

When you think about fear, especially with chronic illnesses, fear merely accompanies the diagnosis. Fear of pain. Fear of loss, self-respect, and understanding. Unfortunately, many of these things do happen. Pain is experienced. Relationships are torn apart, jobs are lost, and you lose your sense of self. These ‘fears’ are recognized, and yet we continue to struggle to hang on to these things that are no longer benefiting us. The cost is high! The struggle breaks down our own sense of self-respect and continues to accelerate our deteriorating physical and mental health.

Somewhere during this struggle, you will break. You will be distraught with emotion and crushed that these things have happened. When did it all go wrong? How could this have happened? You feel destroyed! But then there is a little light inside you that somehow manages to still glow and you realize you are worth something. YOU MATTER. You have the power to surrender everything that no longer serves you. You determine your own worth. You are a diamond forged in fire. Priceless! You are worth more than those ‘things’ you fought to keep.

Now you are ready, and you will surrender! You will find you have space in your life for the new someones, new things, and new opportunities. And these things will come! You have released the bad, the hurtful, the things that no longer belong in your life. Now you have created the very space that is needed for these new things to come to you.

Surrender in 2018 and make room for the good things!

Screen Shot 2018-02-25 at 12.48.43 PM~Kim


  1. Exactly! I believe there is truth in every word you have written in this message. Anyone reading it will benefit from your words. “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

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  2. I am only just beginning to learn that perhaps surrendering may be my best option. I waste so much time and energy trying to make everything fit just right, holding onto the past and not remembering to look ahead at the new possibilities in front of me. Very glad to have landed on your page when I tripped over my stone 🙂

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