The Beginning of the Faraway End.

As I blogged earlier we are beginning to downsize! First and foremost this will be great for my fibromyalgia. To have less is less to clean! But our ultimate goal remains the same, to sell this big house and travel in an RV for a few years before settling down to a small home in an area we want to retire to.

Today, the boxes are lined up with a name on each, what item is going to who? We decided to do my husband’s side, half of our 15 nieces and nephews this Christmas as they will be all gathered at the Christmas festivities. My side is not so into family heirlooms and are scattered this holiday so we will hold off on my side for now.

Olivia, Eli, Emerson, Chloe, Zach, Hailey and Linsey.  Seven boxes. Seven boxes filled with memories of ours that we hope will add to their memories of us. Memory boxes. Items of value for no other reason than the ability to create good memories! It is with good intent and joyful excitement I place carefully chosen items into each of these boxes.

I thought this would be extremely difficult for me to handle. Giving away heirlooms that meant so much to me, packed and ready to be passed down to my children one day. This feels the same, though these children are not mine by birth, they are part mine. I was a presence in their childhood. They were mine to love their whole lives and I do! 

This time of year brings my focus to family events but Jeff, my husband and I, are beginning to establish our own ideas of how we spend this time of the year. We are talking it through and having a great time discussing fun ideas that we want to do. Just us, and some things with our dogs in tow … after all,

“It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year…”