A Dream Realized

“The only constant in life is change.”

I wish I could remember who said that. I feel the truth of this statement more than ever these days. Change is constant. Constant is change. Why the reflection?  The time is here for my husband and me to make a few changes, and change may be constant, but it can be scary too.

My husband changed jobs, went into business for himself. There is always a bit of uncertainty about changing jobs but this was big, self-employed! Is it the right time? Will enough money be made? What if things don’t work out with the business? Then the flipside, what if it does work? How will we handle radically different work hours? How do we handle taxes and medical insurance? How do we handle an increase in pay? (This may be a great problem to have!) Well, it IS working and we ARE adapting quite nicely.

I am sort of changing jobs too. I have had fibromyalgia for over twenty years. I want to work again. Realistically, I need a self-employment opportunity because there will be flare days when I cannot work. Living on disability is not easy. I don’t even have enough to cover my own medical costs and medication needs. I depend fully on my husband for living expenses. I am a writer, I blog, and I have published a book! But I have decided to learn a specific kind of writing. I’m taking classes to become a copywriter, freelancing my way into the field of content copywriting.

Why the changes? My husband and I are looking to downsize. REALLY downsize into full-time RV living. Yes, the beauty of not having kids is that there are no concerns about being on the road, away from them. My friends are becoming grandparents now! This will not be my future. I was never a mom and I will never be a grandma. There is nothing stopping my husband and me from taking the steps to reach our goal. Travel. We are figuring out what it will take to travel and work. We are closer to our goal but still have work to do before this dream is a reality.

If everything runs smoothly, we should be ready in a year and a half to make the move. That would put us somewhere in the spring of 2019. I can foresee a few possible obstacles and I am as prepared for the setbacks as I can be because this too is a part of life.

So it begins. The first 18-gallon tote of clothes was delivered to my nieces, along with a few ‘vintage’ coats. They loved the clothes and thought the coats were “the bomb”. Four totes of excess household items and holiday decorations are ready for the thrift store. And two totes are filled with bedding and towels for the veteran’s center. Some items will be sold in the spring. My next project will be packing up CDs to send to a ‘declutter’. You can get the App for your phone. First, let me see how well it works. They pay you for CDs, DVDs, and cell phones. They pay for shipping as well. I’ll report back to this page and note if this was a good deal or not!

We believe we will end up renting a storage space. I agreed to one small unit for the precious things we will want for our final retirement home. Until we find an area we’d like to retire to, I Tripped Over a Stone will be going on the road! For now, check in once in awhile and I’ll keep you updated on our progress! As always, I will continue to write about fibromyalgia awareness. We have a long year and a half to prepare. (And that is without hiccups!)

Take this journey with me!

P.S. And please check out my other blog!  Stone in the Road is a collection of stories that I have enjoyed reading, from bloggers that I follow. 

IMG_0200 ~Kim





  1. Busy, changing times, but as exciting as it may be daunting. It all sounds pretty positive though, and copywriting was actually something I’d considered as a self-employed venture in future given ill health; I think your writing talents would make you excellent at it! Will look forward to updates on how everything is going but I obviously wish you and your husband all the very, very best! 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. Thank you CAZ! I’m taking a course through American Writers and Artists, Inc. (AWAI). It is all online. The courses allow you to go your own speed and there are many courses to choose from! It was a bit overwhelming at first but now that I’m in it, so worth it! Thank for your kind comments! Self doubt keeps creeping in. ~Kim

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