Who was Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette?

And here’s a lady I wish I would’ve met…

Clean Write

“What can we be certain of, except what we hold in our arms, while we hold it in our arms?” -Colette


Colette was the author of the most notable novels, Cheri and Gigi. Her early work was under the pen name of “Colette Willy.” Henri Gauthier Villars, better known as “Willy” insisted his then-wife write for him the Claudine Stories. Her great works were soon noticed and this led to her publishing under her maiden name, Colette.

This amazing woman was not only a writer, but a journalist, a drama critic, editor, and an actress! Colette wrote from her personal experiences and lived life her way. The ever-lively Colette cut her long dark hair in 1902 revolutionizing the short hair look for women. Colette was among the first women to ride horses astride rather than sidesaddle and she was the first actress to appear nude on the stage. Colette was the first woman to…

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