What a Style Blog Means to Me, a Woman With a Chronic Disease.

Meet Joanna at ArtbyJWP. 

Screen Shot 2017-12-06 at 10.51.06 AM



Joanna is a gifted blogger. All things needed for stylish homes, fashion, accessories, and decore are covered by Joanna. The above picture of posted totes is part of Joanna’s own design collection! She decided to have a Rafflecopter Give Away and I was the lucky winner! I picked the pineapple tote. It was a hard choice! I received the tote and am beyond pleased with its cuteness and quality. Any choice would have been a good one as these designs are all beautiful.


I want to take a minute to explain what Joanna’s blog site means to me. Often those of us with chronic illness do not get out to do silly things like shop. We spend our energy on doctor appointments and the pharmacy. I have no idea what is in style. After 20 years of living with a chronic disease, I am often left staring at fashion magazines dumbfounded. The waif-like 20 something models and the prices! A simple blouse could bankrupt me. Don’t even get me started on handbags! If I bought an advertised handbag? I would have no money to carry in it let alone a place to live!

Check out https://findawaybyjwp.com. Even her blog title, “Find a Way by JWP” gives meaning to her site. Every layout she does list each product, where to find the product and the cost. She has a genuine mix of all price points. The best part is, I can make sense out of the fashion and if I have a question, I just ask! Joanna is like having a personal style coach! Reading her posts return a little sense of normalcy to my being. Gone are the silly magazines and senseless outfits. In are the cute and very wearable stylish clothes, accessories, and decor!

Thank you, Joanna!

IMG_0200~Kim at I tripped Over a Stone.



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