Toolbox Tuesday, Putting your Toolboxes to Work!

We have assembled our toolboxes for flares and fog! We have our home kit, our go-bag, and our travel pouch assembled. Now what? Let’s find out what and how each other is doing!

I am currently in a flare so my pictures are a bit shaky! I wanted to show you my home container, my go-bag, and my personal pouch I keep essentials in. Oh! Get those little cards for your keychain! I use mine all the time! I have the pet store, pharmacy, grocery store and library keychain cards.


I did want to go over a medical file you should keep with you at all times. Mine is in an envelope in my go bag with enough sparkle on it, I would hope if I am incapacitated they’d find it easily enough.



I’ll include a video of what I have in the envelope, this is after a trip to the dentist a few months ago… Again I talk about my new tote from my friend Andrea (I really love this tote!) And my irrational fear is known about dentists, so this video is after I made it home. Enjoy! Laugh! And get all of your medical information down on paper!


Wasn’t that fun?!?! Are you all set?




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