It Happened.

I am on my third day with a flare that is so quirky, one moment I am able to sit up and watch some TV and two minutes later, I feel as if I am approaching death’s door. I have had this disease for over 20 years, I have not experienced such a volatile flair with the intensity switching so swiftly! This is a new type of flare for me. I am clinging to the knowledge that I know this flare is temporary and will end.

I feel manic when the pain decreases. Almost as quickly, a sense of panic when the severity of the pain increases dramatically and comes at me.  I am cycling with these severe fluctuations, hourly. I definitely know I am not in control of this flare in any way. I am just trying to not let the anxiety of the fluctuating pain levels throw me into a full-blown panic attack. Pain is pain, but panic leads to increased painful symptoms. 

Do you remember having a flare that was odd, such as this one with swift and severe changing pain levels? Are your flares similar to the levels of increased pain and symptoms you experience? Do your pain levels vary vastly with each flare, leaving you questioning what additional symptoms you will experience?

How do you experience your flares?