Toolbox Tuesday “Go-Bag”

It is time to put together a ‘go-bag’. The bag you take when you are running out the door for appointments. This will depend on your transport preferences, I take Uber everywhere I go! I carry a large crossbody tote (see below, 1st option) that I can fit my personal items in as well as a file folder of medical information, rescue medications, bottled water, a book, crossword puzzle book, or reading materials of my own to keep me busy. Let’s face it, we spend many hours ‘waiting’. I like to have something other than the lame magazines in the waiting area to read while I wait!

(FYI. Don’t touch those office magazines, do you realize how germy they are? With our immune systems already being compromised, it is not a good idea! Carry hand sanitizer always!)

Go-bags, choose what will work for you!

Bucket Bag. $22.99. Many color options.

Crossbody boho tote. $18.99. Many color options.

This has it all! $19.99. Canvas backpack, crossbody bag, and a pencil case! Many mix-and-match items and colors to choose from!


What did you choose for your at-home fibro toolbox?  (refer to Toolbox Tuesday at Home Container.Hopefully, you have established a toolbox in your home where you keep all of the items you need for flare days and fog days.  A tote? A plastic bin? a bookshelf? I used a backpack until it ended up being two backpacks, then I switched to a large burlap container that I keep in my living room next to the sofa.

Medical records to keep with you in your go-bag. The medications you are currently taking and dosages. The medications you have tried in the past: dosage and effects. Your current treatment providers; addresses and phone numbers. Your past medical procedures; dates and name of the procedure. Just type up all you can remember and put the lists in a file, or folder and into your go-bag!

Here I am getting ready for a dentist appointment. Please excuse the background, we were in the process of a bathroom remodel and everything had ended up in the dining room! I talk about Andrea and Karen in this video, these ladies are friends of mine and this video was meant for a support group we ran together. (*Warning* this was my first attempt ever at using my iPhone to video myself, operator errors galore! Ha!)

In my go-bag, I have a small make-up bag. A ‘catch-all’ I called it. I carry medication, hand sanitizer, lotion, kleenex, a small notebook, pen and lip balm in it! I love the zip around wallet! It transfers easily into a small purse I carry when I am going out with my hubby for dinner or to a movie.


I found a few busy books for you to consider while waiting for your appointment! These are easy books to travel with. The essential oil ‘thing’ did not go well for me. I did learn enough to keep my diffuser filled with oils I find beneficial; peppermint and lavender!

Options, we need options! (Also refer back to the original Toolbox Tuesday post for ideas.)

Some great books to have on hand!

Brigid Gallager and Lori Schafer are both bloggers here, on WordPress, and their respective books are fabulous! I have both! I co-wrote the Shadowboxers so I believe no matter the illness if it is chronic, my journal can help you! Mindfulness, crosswords, and brain games are all good busy book choices as well.

Please let me know how and what you are doing with your toolboxes! I’d love to share some photos and/or comments to wind down next week’s post for Toolbox Tuesday, ‘”Using Your Tools.” Feel free to email me any pictures or extended comments/ideas that I can use in my last toolbox post!

Until next week, build your toolbox!



    1. Hey MJ, I am going to do a post about how people are using their toolboxes, so I was asking “Kit” (the kintsukurorilife) to send me a pic and I’ll use that with her comment. And yes, my dear, please email me a pic and comment about what you use for YOUR toolbox if you would like to participate… I really love hearing about people’s toolboxes and what they must have in them. It’ll be in my next Toolbox Tuesday post ‘using your toolbox’! So fun! You can share my post from here. I thank you for the continued support!

      You rock MJ!

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  1. Kim, live this idea of a tool box. I have real health issue, i created medical file for mum who has heart issues , bit i fail to keep that updated. You cowrote a book how wonderful…will have to add that to the list. Your video was great. Have a great weekend. Regards bella

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Those medical lists are incredibly important. I am floored at how much I use mine. I did co write a book. It’s an interactive journal filled with many ideas and a lot of space for you to write your own ideas out in. Enjoy your weekend as well!~Kim

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