Toolbox Tuesday, (At home Containor)

I hope you have chosen your at home container that will become your toolbox. Now it is time to start filling it with the things you can do during a flare. These things will differ according to your individual preferences as well as if you are fogging with your flair.  If you have a craft room, I applaud you! I would suggest having an additional container somewhere close to where you rest so you can get to your things and not have to dismantle part of your craft room.

Things you already have.

  • If you are a knitter or a crocheter, your yarn and needles or crochet hooks are items you will have in your toolbox.
  • If you have favorite journals, books, and/or DVDs have these should be in your toolbox.
  • Do you have an iPad, Kindle, or smartphone? Have these loaded with Apps, audiobooks, music playlists, and podcasts you enjoy? (I love the free Apps; Wheel of Fortune, Tetris, Pacman, Color Therapy, oh there are so many! Pick a few of your favorites.)
  • Rescue medications should be in your toolbox or in a safe place if you have children. (I use a fireproof lockbox that I store under my bed.)

Things you may like to include.

Craft kits, Zentangles workbooks, (my favorite!) art journals, bullet journals, Smashbooks… Let me find some options on Amazon!

Spirograph $10.49, Potholder Loom $16.96, Latch hook kit $9.99 and Stamp kit, $11.39. All fun and reasonably priced items!

Journals and workbooks that may interest you? I personally have all 6 of these books and enjoy them very much!

Zentangles $12.64, Art Doodle, Love $13.52, Smashbook $7.08, Color book $5.04, Inspire, Journaling Bible $27.19 and of course the journal I co-wrote, The Shadow Boxers $9.99.

Wish I would’ve thought of that! Extra items for your toolbox you’ll be glad you purchased! 

Micron Pens $13.77 (worth every penny), Colored Pencils $9.95, Pencil case, set of 3 is around $7.00, craft caddy $2.93, portable DVD player $39.99 (I use mine all the time, I have it on the bed with me when I don’t want a big TV overpowering my senses.) My favorite movie of all time! Practical Magic $2.99 and don’t forget the playing cards for solitaire $5.77.

These are things for your fibro toolbox, things to keep you occupied when having a fibro flare. Easier items, such as coloring books for the times when you have fibro fog accompanying your flare. Next week we will talk about your “go-bag”. It is still a part of your fibro toolkit but it is easily portable. Remember to download some free Apps!

Live your best life!

4-up on 11-9-17 at 2.00 PM (compiled)~Kim

If you missed the first installment go to Toolbox Tuesday.


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