Let’s Play Anthropologist!

Anyone else nervous about the holidays coming up?

I just had to take a ten-minute break to get my head together so I can write this post! Yes, I am nervous about the approaching holidays. It all seems so very overwhelming. I wish I could still get stupid drunk!

I do know that I can and will handle the holidays and all that it entails.

Seeing family members is not an issue, perse’. (Is that latin?) It is the amount of them all at once with a lot of food and noise! It is taking pictures and playing games, doing the dishes, eating more, then doing dishes again! It is exhausting just thinking about it. Now, let’s throw in not knowing how you’ll feel that day or each hour of that day! Then … will I have fibro fog?!?!? Hey, it’s a plus for me because I can’t remember a thing but a bummer for everyone else because I’m a bit of a moron.

So, I once talked to a therapist about this very issue. She said, {…please insert your credit card for a payment of $180…} “Pretend you are an anthropologist and you are going to observe a newly discovered tribe.” WHAT? A tribe? A newly discovered tribe? Really? Is that supposed to be a joke??? Well, she wasn’t kidding!

So I gave it a shot …

I walked through an open doorway into an entry that leads to a full and open rectangular room. The leader of the tribe greeted me with, “Kimmo, you’re here!” There were small people in the tribe that looked very much like the bigger ones. The little tribe people ran to me for hugs…

I’ll be… this is working!

This is how I do my holidays’ folks, I observe the tribe. I will participate in their customs only if invited to. I will converse with them only if conversed with first. Otherwise, I will observe … mentally noting the movement and conversation of the tribe. I am present, observant, not engaging … this is an anthropological discovery of a new tribe after all!

In all seriousness, this does work. I pretend to be an anthropologist. Tah-Da!

My husband and I spend very little of our holidays with the tribe, his or mine… a few hours for each side. We have started our own traditions. We drive through the rich neighborhoods around the lakes in Minneapolis and look at Christmas light decorations.  Then we like to be home, in front of the fire, watching old Christmas movies OR Despicable ME. Now that’s a holiday! Lights, leftovers, popcorn, and minions!

IMG_0250 ~The Anthropologist.


  1. I get the worry about not knowing how you’ll feel from day to day, minute to minute. Made me chuckle when you said about the brain fog – “Hey, it’s a plus for me because I can’t remember a thing but a bummer for everyone else because I’m a bit of a moron”. It’s tough with all of the commotion coming up but you can and will handle it, and enjoy the parts you can. The tribe observation is an interesting technique, where there any other instructions to the task? I think that being a more removed observer could be helpful to get some distance, but more helpful is the thought of cheery little yellow Minions on Christmas! 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. I’m so glad you get my humor! My assignment was to report back to my therapist about the tribe. What could I tell her about my experience as an observer. It really was cool to ‘report’ about the interactions of the tribe at a celebratory get together. It was a growth experience for me! I learned a lot about who sets off who and why they do this and how! I find that I expend less energy just letting the events play out and going with the flow, disengaging in the small stuff but still being present. It is freeing! And yes, when in a fog, I remember very little so keeping my mouth shut in my golden rule. Ha ha. That has been helpful as well!!! Thanks for the great comment Caz, may you see Minons this Christmas too!~k.

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