Wow! Jingle Bell Yourself!

This is way out of my wheelhouse but the only rule with fibro is there are no rules! I hate shopping. But when I do, and I find something that would be useful for us Fibro Warriors, I “knight” that bad boy after the first wear, and speak upon it!!! “You shall be deemed; fibro-friendly fashion! “

That’s done, I need to share with you…

It’s time to have a fibro-friendly fashion lesson! Hurray! I am done wearing clothes that hurt, pinch, make me look like a dork … well sometimes without even trying I can achieve the dork-look with little to no effort. But the holidays are upon us and what are we to wear? Gatherings are uncomfortable enough! I don’t want my clothes to be uncomfortable too.

I bought the following items on Amazon and they are worth every penny. You may want to as well! Just click on the picture, I’ll rack up 31 cents, eventually…

Dearcase. Long Sleeve Tee Dress. $9.99-$16.99. I love this dress, it comes in many color choices, I went with the maroon. This is my pick for Thanksgiving and Christmas! (Make sure you go with the Dearcase brand!) I’ve tried other brands because they were a few bucks cheaper but they were cut wonky. I am an ‘apple shape’ so this DearCase tee dress hugs my chest and arms just enough to give me some shape then flows almost straight down. (I have a scarf, leggings, and suede boots to finish the outfit.) The material is very light and soft, you may want to bring a sweater if you battle feeling chilly. I am always too hot! So, in my opinion, this is perfect fibro-fashion!


The infinity scarf! $8.99. I am a fan of these and only have one. I’ll be making a purchase as well. This is a Vivian and Vincent soft infinity scarf. This infinity scarf comes in many cool colors! I love that this is light fabric and soft.



***Don’t forget to get purple gear to rock it over the holidays.

Purple bangle watch. $9.99. Love this, easy to get on and off, especially if you have difficulties with your fingers working clasps. Many colors available. $9.99

The purple silicone ring by Honor Ring. $7.99. I wear mine on my thumb, people seem to notice it and many ask me about it. I let them know it is for Fibromyalgia Awareness. So I try to do some advocating for our cause over the holidays too!


Please try to bath before visiting your relatives. Or not! It won’t matter if you have these products! I have tried every one of these products from bath and Body Works and the smells are absolutely delicious! This was my own little haul from Bath and Body Works. I am not an affiliate, I just totally love these products. This online store has terrific sales going on right now through Christmas.


Two travel size lotions (2.5 ounces, much bigger than I expected!) and both smell so pretty, two candles, got the big “Energy” lotion bottle for free and the best hand sanitizers I have ever smelled. These are all in stock in their aromatherapy section. Yum!

Treat yourself to some nice things so you feel better about yourself, how you look, and most importantly how you feel! You deserve it.




  1. I love the colder temperatures because I love wearing comfortable clothes and can’t get enough sweaters! Bath and Body Works makes some of the best smelling lotions and candles, I love great smells. I hope you are having a good weekend so far and resting and staying warm!! Take care!!

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