Toolbox Tuesday

Here we go! Please click on any items that interest you,  (I fixed the links, we had some issues earlier this AM, thank you WordPress for always being able to help!) You can click and will be brought to the Amazon product site page and you will the item I listed as well as similar items in different colors and sizes! 

(I am affiliated with Amazon; I love their products, I stand by them and their return policy!)

It is important to have what you need when faced with any kind of chronic illness. I’ve often talked about a ‘Fibromyalgia Toolbox’. There are chronically ill ‘Crisis Kits’. I think we all have ‘go-bags’ for medical visits and stays… usually last minute and thrown together.

The goal of Toolbox Tuesday is; you have the items specific to your needs on hand and in a specified place. (This offers comfort and control when you are feeling neither.)

Let’s start with containers. Where to put your items? Plan on three types;

  1. A larger container that remains at home.
  2. A go-bag that travels with you.
  3. A small purse pouch that goes into your purse.

First, consider three things for your at home toolbox container;

  1. Do you want it to be visually attractive?
  2. Do you want to be able to put in away in a closet, or under your bed?
  3. Do you want a container that moves easily, on wheels?

Burlap Bin. I have this bin and love it. $15.99

If you have room in your space, this is a great little home organizer for your things, $19.99 (use the cubes you have!)

A bag on rollers! Who wouldn’t want this for easy access? This comes as a set. $34.32

Next, consider three things for your go-bag. (I think of it as a ‘wait-bag’) you carry it for medical appointments;

  1. Do I prefer a tote or a backpack?
  2. How many items must I have with me in addition to a purse?
  3. Do you travel by car (you can leave things in your car) to appointments or do use public transportation? (I use Uber, so my go-bag is a bit larger.)

I have this tote in tan, it has the larger guitar strap and a longer crossbody strap. (I will be getting another in a different color!) $23.99

Backpacks are always a great idea! Make sure you get a quality pack.$26.99

I have a similar bag but this one has more structure, cute! $19.95

Finally, we have come to your purse pack;

First, let’s address the white elephant in the room. How big is your purse?

If you are just going for a quick outing; coffee, movie, out to dinner, a walk… you must have a small crossbody purse that allows you to carry your ID, a debit card, maybe a credit card or a single blank check, (not the entire checkbook!) and your insurance card.  Your cell phone is a must and an emergency purse pack.

I love the colors! $7.99

I like that you can see through these. Mesh pouches. $7.99


Here are a few fun ideas to put in a little purse pouch, it’s up to you to ultimately decide what you may need in it;

Tissues, a bundle for travel. $7.20


Perfect for Winter! Hand Salve. $6.22


Chapstick! Try the raspberry lemonade blast! 3-pack, $2.99.

Cute little pill holder when you need to carry a few extra doses with you! $5.99


I used Amazon products for this Toolbox Tuesday series. I like the different price points and multiple choices available! Next week we will look at each specific toolkit, go-bag, and purse kit and I will present some goodies to fill them! Please remember to click on the picture of a few items on this page! Then Amazon will get notice and I will be allowed to stay in their affiliate program and bring you more goodies. Happy hunting!