A Fibromyalgia Toolbox?

Oh no! I’ve stumbled upon the “care” boxes… if you do not know about these go to youtube and watch “box reveals” and be prepared to think, “oh, I WANT one!” Well, I do not have the $50 to $110 dollars per month that these boxes cost. I just don’t! If you do, by all means, get yourself a subscription and go for it! They look like a beautiful step towards self-care!

Well, now that I have firmly decided my budget just will not allow for this, I started thinking, I am going to watch these reveals! I am going to fight the urge to sign up for even one box! (Because it would be like having only one potato chip… you can’t do that.) I will pick out some favorite things I see, or have tried and loved, and put together my own toolbox!

Let’s build our own toolboxes!!! I like the idea of having my very own, putting supplies in it and taking supplies out when I need them. When my work begins to fight a flare, deal with cognitive issues, medical appointments, and hospital stays, I want some concrete items to get me through. Life for those of us with chronic illnesses are challenging enough, I want the things I need available and at the ready to help me through these difficult times. I want a carefully put together toolbox that suites my individual needs.

Before you begin, you really should set yourself up with Amazon Prime. It is NOT that expensive, ten bucks a month. There are so many positives to this membership. You get free two-day shipping,  prime members get perks like early sales, deals, and price drop notifications. You can keep numerous shopping lists on the site so you can easily remember what you need to buy.  There are monthly audio and Kindle books for free, there is also a prime library where you can borrow books for free. (You don’t even have to own a physical Kindle device, just get the Kindle App for free, and you can read on all of your devices.) You get the Amazon Prime channel on TV… (watch out Netflix, Amazon is just as good!). Amazon recently purchased the Whole Foods grocery store chain, so their Prime Pantry is stock full of goodness! They deliver groceries as well as ANYTHING you can think of to your door! And, there are many more perks I am forgetting, but I love this one; they deliver food from just about any restaurant in your area! All of this for a Prime membership of $12.99 per month!

The reason I like Amazon is because I am on a pretty tight budget and my energy is such a precious commodity (as is yours), I hate to expend it all on shopping. Drive to the store, shop, buy additional things that aren’t on your list, $$, bag them up, drive home, unload your car, put items away… are you kidding me? That is the end of my day! I have no more energy.

So, I have committed myself to online shopping for any and all essentials. I stay within my budget, and I get to actually do enjoyable things like walking my dogs, doing crafts, and writing this blog! I can also go to the movies with my husband or out for coffee with a friend. I have prioritized my goals to preserve energy for what I find enjoyable. I want you to do the same!

(Need suggestions for your toolbox?  Get some here; Pick your Box.)