The simplicity of the Ferris Wheel…


IMG_3253 (1)




Even though you are stationary on a Ferris Wheel, as the wheel turns life comes into perspective.


IMG_3289 (1)~Kim



  1. Love ferris wheels! I am odd because my favorite part of the ride is when it stops at the top for a short time!! I do not think my husband enjoys it because he has a fear of heights! I am not afraid of heights, it is just the falling thing that I can not handle, which is why I do not go on roller coasters. This was a great post Kim!!!

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    1. I am really afraid of heights so the point of even going on it was leaving that fear at 49, I turned 50 that day! I still have a healthy fear but it’s definitely not a feeling of terror anymore, new perspective. Healthy perspective!~Kim


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