Breakthrough! There are TYPES of Fibromyalgia!

There is a website called, Great Americans. An individual named Court Johnson wrote the following article; Small Nerve Fiber Study Finds Different Kinds of Fibromyalgia Exist. on the site called Great Americans.


Between Court Johnson’s article, Wiki, and me, I’m going to try to break it down for you. starting with what we know.

Fibromyalgia is a central nervous system disorder. What is the central nervous system (CNS)? The CNS we are addressing is made up of the brain, nerves, and spinal cord. This is our body’s 911 Interstate system. All information is collected, coordinated and sent out to influence activity in all parts of the body!

According to new information, we can find out what kind of fibromyalgia we have, then treat it accordingly improving the likelihood of the correct treatment for you.

The nerves in the CNS are broken up into 3 categories, finding out what category you fit in can determine the success of your treatment.

  • small fiber neuropathy:

Often feels like “pins and needles” usually starting in the feet or lower extremities moving upwards. There is a distinct reporting of insensitivity to pain. For example, seeing the blood then realizing you have been cut.

  • neuropathic pain:

Often associated with painful stimuli when the stimuli are deemed non-painful. This can be acute or chronic. Examples of pain are; pins and needles, stabbing, electric shock, numbness, and itching,

  • large fiber neuropathy:

Usually directly related to damage or disease affecting these nerves. Impaired sensation, impaired movement, gland and/or organ dysfunction. This can also be acute or chronic.

To sum this up, fibromyalgia is clearly a central nervous system disorder. This disorder has many different types of nerve pain associated with it. The type of nerve pain you experience with your fibromyalgia can be determined. Also, the type of nerve pain associated with the type of fibromyalgia you have often allows other nerve pain disorders to coexist with your symptoms. Nerve pain disorders like chronic pain, fatigue, anxiety, and cognitive dysfunction are just a few of the numerous nerve disorders you may be experiencing with your fibromyalgia.


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