I’ve been Plagiarized!

Last Update: 11/7/2017. Angela Wise has retracted her apology and any acknowledgment of copying my writing…

Update: 11/7/2017. Was acknowledged for writing the 7th stage with an apology that my name had been overlooked. That is all I wanted. Thanks to everyone who wrote her a comment, I appreciate your support. ~K.

Update: 11/6/2017. Was finally contacted by Angela Wise. Angela claims she has no knowledge of me or my blog post The 7th Stage of Fibromyalgia. She believes I am a bully and a stalker. I assured her I was neither. I stated that she need not copy other people’s work and claim it as her own. I informed her I would never contact her again. And I will not. I know she is well aware of what she did.  ~K.

The Beginning:

I am at a crossroads, I had a blog plagiarized, word for word by Angela Wise. My blog post, The 7th Stage of Fibromyalgia was based on the 6 stages written by an A. Wise, who I gave credit to. I believe her name was Ann Wise, not Angela. Be that as it may, Angela Wise copied my entire blog post, changed the title to The 7th Stage of Fibromyalgia: NewDevelopment then published my blog post using her name.

  • Angela Wise writes a blog called, Latest Journal.
  • She writes on a Facebook page called Fibro & Chronic Pain Center.
  • She is on YouTube, as ‘Angela Vlog’, doing a 7 part series on the fibromyalgia stages.

I wrote to her, I commented on the blogs, I reported her. There is nothing left that I can do. I was so very angry at her when I discovered this. Then I realized, how needy this woman must be as she ignorantly attempts to explain these stages, depressing those who listen, and calling us all “sisters in fibro”… Now, I’m just disgusted, fed-up, and sad.

The thing that really gets me is I would have been so happy to share this blog post with her. I would have encouraged her to do a vlog series if that was what she wanted! I love to share information. I would have been more than happy to help her in any way I could. But she took what I had written, signed her name to it and published it as her own. Classless.


I’ll settle back now and let Karma do her work. Too bad for Angela, we could’ve helped each other out, maybe even have been friends. That opportunity is long gone!