Love and Anxiety

Psychology today defined anxiety as; “a normal reaction to stress.” For some of us, this is the case, for others, it goes much deeper than that.

What does anxiety really feel like? It is feeling that everything in your life is broken and needs immediate attention! Heart palpitations, sweat, panic, fear, finding it hard to breathe, and lightheadedness… anxiety can lead to panic attacks, where you may hyperventilate, you may feel claustrophobic, you may feel frightened with it turning to sheer terror that the worst has certainly happened. The tears will come, you will curl up in a ball and just try to get through it.

Over time you must learn what triggers your anxiety, learn the art of cognitively talking yourself out of an anxiety state before it reaches a full-fledged panic attack.  Positive self-talk.

  • What I am feeling is not my reality.
  • Nothing is going to hurt me.
  • No one is hurt.
  • I will not die from anxiety.
  • Just Breathe. Inhale, exhale.

If you love someone with anxiety, and they trust you enough to let them know that they have anxiety, consider yourself lucky. A person with anxiety feels deep emotions. They will never belittle you, never laugh at your insecurities, never pick you apart naming your faults. Why? Because this has been done to them.

Finally, anxiety is a real condition. The more severe it is may lead you to seek out some medical advice. There are medications and therapists that treat anxiety and panic attacks. Be aware of your triggers and choose best how you handle them. Find what works for you.