“Sleep on…”

When you have a chronic illness there are people in your life who will stand by you no matter what. There are people who will not be able to do that either due to lack of understanding, disbelief, or even a lack of empathy. You cannot change their minds no matter how many times you try. You will need to move on, they are now in your past. These people are not meant to be present in this part of your journey. You disengage yourself because this is the healthiest thing you can do for yourself and the other person. You stop trying to explain, to define, to apologize. You simply stop beating your head against the wall trying to make others understand you, you simply let them “sleep on…”

I must admit, the idea for this post came from a sermon I heard from Joel Olsteen on YouTube. Joel was telling of a story where Jesus was asking his disciples to pray for him while he went to talk with God, his Father. When he returned to check on his disciples they were sleeping, he woke them asking them again to pray. When he returned a third time and they were sleeping and Jesus realized he was on his own, he couldn’t control the actions of others, and he finally understood this as he announced to his disciples, “sleep on…”

I like watching Joel Olsteen. SNL does a skit of him and he says he likes it when they make his eye sparkle on camera, he has a great sense of humor! In fact, he starts every service with a joke, seriously. Then he gives an uplifting sermon and relates it to our everyday lives. And on the day I happened to be watching, I was very nervous about some changes my husband and I were making and how our families would react. Change is difficult in the first place, but job and lifestyle changes are the MOST difficult. I had little doubt we were taking the right steps. We had planned these huge changes over a two-year process of research, study and taking a few classes, we’re moving forward. We are ready!

Take the words “let it go” and replace them with “sleep on…” There are times when we look to a person for support and that person is no longer supportive. We look for understanding and that person is no longer understanding. We look for encouragement and that person is no longer encouraging. Why? What went wrong? Times change and people change too. The person you may have counted on is no longer the one you can count on. You’ve outgrown their purpose. Time to move on. That person can “sleep on…”

You can work on your history or you can work on your destiny, you can not do both. Pick your destiny and let your history “sleep on…”