I am a Unique Blogger!

Yep, I got an award from a young lady named Mackenzie at https://life with an illness.wordpress.com! She has a laundry list of illnesses, she is going through so much, but she also is a talented blogger… check out her blogs.

I must admit I don’t normally accept awards, well obviously… I DO! But few and far between. As I read about being a Unique Blogger it brought me back to a time after my husband and I had purchased our home, my sister-in-law was walking through our home and said, “I just love to look at how you decorate!” I smiled (her house was immaculately decorated) … my niece chimed in asking, “what do you call this?” My sister-in-law paused for a long moment and said “eclectic”. My niece looked at me obviously puzzled, so I replied, “A lot of junk thrown together in an orderly fashion!” I laughed and laughed as I was now known as the ‘eclectic’ Auntie.

Yes, I’m down for receiving the Unique Blogger Award!

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 3.29.20 PM

Mackenzie, here are the answers to your questions;

1. What makes me happy? 

Dora and Dezzie.

2. What is one goal you want to accomplish?

64807706_Kindle Ready Front Cover JPEG_7239198
I wrote a book!

3. What would I tell my teenage self?



***My nominees are as follows, optional if you accept, answer with pictures as I have, that is my request. Tell us three things about yourself using photos! Ready, set go!

Gwyn at https://thekintsukuroilife.com

Wendy at https://picnicwithants.com

Mer at https://knockedoverbyafeather.wordpress.com

MJ at https://fibrowarriormynewnormal.wordpress.com

Terri at https://reclaiminghope.blog/

MoJo at https://themomentumofjo.wordpress.com

Alyssa at https://positivelyalyssa.wordpress.com

Lady Fibro Warrior at https://ladyfibrowarrior.wordpress.com


Thanks, Mackenzie!



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