“What is IT”?

Is fibromyalgia a central nervous system disease? Well, yes it is! Let’s talk about why fibro is a central nervous system disease. Then you can explain it to others and share this information until it seems commonplace and makes sense to all of those you encounter who ask the dreaded question, “What is IT?”

The central nervous system is the information freeway that begins in the brain, runs down the spinal cord and throughout your body telling it what to do, feel, react. We are not conscious of some of these things; flinching if we touch something hot, grasping a door handle to open a door, or bending the knees to sit on a sofa. The actions we don’t necessarily think about but know how to do. The central nervous system also holds our fight or flight responses. We retreat from danger and fight for our lives when cornered.

BUT…”What is IT?”

A person with fibromyalgia has a ‘brain signal’ called a ‘pain signal’. This is constantly firing in our brains telling us we are in pain thus we feel pain all day, every day. That is what “IT” is. Now you can tell your friends!

That explanation is the very basic, uncomplicated way to explain what fibro is. Of course, we know that fibro has over 200 possible accompanying symptoms, but as the conditions of those symptoms differ with each person, the central nervous system misfiring is the basic commonality we all share with fibromyalgia.

So I end today with the above, it is a Friday fibro FYI.



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