Develop Your Own Coping Skills

We are continuing with the 6 healthy habits found in the book, The Shadow Boxers: Fighting Fibromyalgia Your Personal Journal  If you have missed any so far they are as follows;

  1. Know Thyself {Know Thyself.}
  2. Adjust your Attitude {Adjust Your Attitude }

The third healthy habit to develop is Develop Your Own Coping Skills in order to live your best life with fibromyalgia.


At this stage you are learning, you are gaining knowledge. You realize, I may not be able to control this disease but I CAN control how I react to it. You are figuring out your medications, supplements, meditation practices, massage therapies, water therapies, physical therapies, you are searching out what works for you. How do you handle the fibro flares? The fibro fog? The daily pain? You put a plan in place, you are developing your coping skills that are unique to your needs. What works for you and what works for Suzy Q down the street will not be the same. You are finding your power!

This has become your new job, your health. It is a full-time job at this stage. You learn to pace yourself, following a routine that works for you. There are new activities you are learning that spark that old flame inside of you. You find new interests and hobbies, support groups and friends. You are learning when to say “no” and mean it.

This is a lengthy, time-consuming habit to accomplish and you will always be visiting it. Some things that worked for you in the first 5 years of your disease, will not work in the following years. Other things are just not needed or are completed. Other symptoms can (and will) develop later in the disease and personal relationships with friends and family often do go awry. But you will cope. You will build your coping skills as the years’ pass and you will take back the power you have to control how you react to this disease.

Develop your own coping skills.




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