Sad for a Day.

I think I like rain, a simple shower… I love the feeling I get as I hold my umbrella listening to the drops on the tent I have inverted over my head. Coat collar up and tucked into a scarf I tie around my neck to provide a little extra warmth, a little extra protection from the coldness of the rain.

It is a pure delight I take in a quiet, cool, rainy day. I want to have that comfort with me all the time. I want to find that feeling and hold onto it for the days that do not offer soft rain and my heart feels like it will break. I want to feel secure like I do with that scarf tied up around my coat collar even when it is not there. I am filled with anxiety instead of security. Sadness instead of joy. Empty without delight. There will be no cool rain today.

You don’t have to speak to anyone when you are huddled under your umbrella, going about your business. You have time to think and think, and think. I can solve a lot of life issues as I walk in anonymity under my umbrella… and think and think, and think.

Not one raindrop is the same, nor one person like another. It is spectacular to think about this. The individuality of each raindrop, each person, each a personality all their own. Everyone has a story that is unique, every story is unique in itself.

The smell of rain washes away the stench of the city and brings with it the colors of the rainbow, reds, and oranges, blues, indigos, and violet, yellows, and greens. Flowers bloom, grasses grow… it’s all new again. Everything is renewed.

No, today it will not softly rain, I will go through this day without it.

I like the cool, soft rain.