Five Foot Two.

I watched Lady Gaga’s documentary, tonight.

She is very happy with her career at the moment, not her love life. She has a masseuse for when she cries in pain and a chiropractor for her hip. A nurse to give her medications, and a gaggle of Gaga helpers. I honestly do not know if she can dress herself? (It’s OK, she has helpers for that too.) Yes, she has pain, she probably has fibromyalgia but it was never mentioned in the film. She did say she felt bad for people who had pain like she does. She felt bad because they were poor and did not have the kind of money that she has to hire help.  She said she couldn’t do it on her own. (Big fear factor there.) We were blessed with a Gaga boob shot poolside and a literal shot in her ass cheek before she was to take the stage. She is a bit of a Diva (who isn’t these days?)

Her agenda was made clear in the first two minutes this documentary, The Joanne (Deluxe) Album was going to sell millions and she was going to make sure. She said she would do whatever it took, well, checkmark! The last sentence of the documentary, “A Million Reasons, from the Joanne (Deluxe) Album, just hit a million sold.”

Well done. I don’t have much more to say… except stop fighting with Madonna.

Listen, Lady Gaga is talented, she has a killer voice. I like her music. She was probably born to be a star and has probably worked very hard to reach her Gaga goals. I’m happy for her. I wish her success. I hope she finds a new love interest and has those babies while she tours the country! (Her dream, not mine.)

This documentary was a promotional filming to get her ‘new sound’ out to her fans. It was not about her chronic pain issues but a lifestyle lived in excess with access to anything she will ever need.

I’m still a fan, a bit disillusioned, but I will still listen to her music.

IMG_3178 2~Kim