Me, the Dentist, and You.

I made ‘a little trip to the dentist’ into a day out with yours truly!  So just for fun, come with me to the dentist!

Disclaimer: I am beyond obsessed with my new purse. Amateur hour videos; I am horrible at the entire process and I know it. Dentist; I am not a dental fan and stay away from these types of practitioners that use the torturous devices called drills. This is solely an opinion piece … laughing is acceptable and welcomed!


Here I am, ‘Ubered’ safely to the dentist. I went to the U of M, Minneapolis Dental School. I must mention, when filling out the paperwork… fibromyalgia was listed as a condition! That is progress fellow Fibro Warriors!

Now the following video shows me safely at home with a few tips about my day at the dentist!


I hope you laughed until you cried and enjoyed my distress while learning a couple tips about visiting your dentist! I should add, it was mentioned to me that a list of all your providers, including addresses and phone numbers should be included on your lists you bring with you to appointments. (Excellent tip from Jennifer!)