Pick Your Box

Have you ever heard of people talking about a fibromyalgia toolbox? Well, a fibromyalgia toolbox is a real ‘idea’. There is no definition. It is basically an emergency kit for fibromyalgia flares. (I think I’m going to Snap!). When you are in a fibromyalgia flare, you are in much more pain, you are beyond exhausted and you may be in a fibro fog. (The Fog of Fibromyalgia).

A fibro toolbox can be made up of things of a tactile nature; coloring books, journals, activity books, crocheting, knitting, craft supplies and other things that you can do while you are in a flare. If a fibro fog accompanies your flare, many find watching movies they have seen before (because you won’t remember a new one) or listening to specific pre-planned music helpful.

A fibro toolbox can also be a skill set you have learned for working through your pain. Meditation, deep breathing exercises, guided imagery, and/or reframing thought patterns, are examples of a few practices put in place.

Rescue medications should always be part of your toolbox.

So a fibromyalgia toolbox is really just a pre-planned way of handling your fibro flares. Things and/or ideas set aside ahead of time so when you start experiencing a flare, you are ready physically and mentally. Have the items you need in a designated area, room, or tote.

Personally, I use a backpack and have a portable DVD player in my closet. When I have a flare come on, the things that I need are ready. This also signals my husband that it is a flare day when he see’s I have my backpack out and my DVD player running movies that I have deemed as my favorites.

Get your toolbox ready. We cannot control when our flares will happen but we can choose how to respond when they do.


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  1. This is a fabulous idea Kim! I have begun putting mine together now and love the idea of things that make us happy and take our mind away. Having all of my “tools” in one spot, quickly accessible is priceless when a flare comes on. It eliminates that overwhelming feeling of “where is it and do I have the energy to get it or look for it”. THANK YOU for this!!!

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  2. This is an awesome idea! I had a similar thought myself a while ago about a sort of ‘down day’ bag that I’d keep in my bedside table but I never really stuck to it. I’ll add a few things to a box tonight because today has been difficult and I anticipate tomorrow being a challenge; a good book, hand cream, vitamin sweeties, pen & paper, puzzles… Definitely need to get my tools together! 🙂
    Caz x

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  3. Great idea Kim.. I’m sorry I’ve not been across for a while. Thankfully I don’t need a fibromyalgia box but I do love boxes – it’s always been my temptation since being a very young child where I thought I could build my own bedroom (I shared with my sister) out of boxes! These in the picture look very tempting! xx

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