I Will Not Fold!

I am going to be fifty years old this Sunday. Fifty. 5-0. I am going to hit the big one! This is going to get real! This shit is gonna happen. Do I take it like a boss? Do I drink the Kool-aid? Do I buy the ticket and stay on the ride? I can’t believe I am going to be fifty years old.

I was trying to come up with this beautiful post about turning fifty and how I have successfully and, with grace I would add … come into my 50th year on this earth at peace with where I am. Age is just a number and blah, blah, blah. Not only with peace and grace but success as well. Proper eating in place, exercise and meditation would be my friends … oh yes, it was all planned.

Now let’s get real. Turning 50 sucks pond water! Seriously. I am not ready to be FIFTY and I feel like I got the short end of the stick! I was robbed! There are YEARS I literally do not remember, years I was too sick to get out of bed, years I want back! I got dealt a bad hand and I want to scream, “I FOLD!” and demand a new deck be dealt.


But that card was thrown, and the deal is done, I never got a chance to fold.

So, I will be fifty. I know now that there is so much I do not know … but there are some things I know for sure. I know for absolute certain! I will share those with you. Think of it as my present to you!

Karma is real.

Attitude is everything.

Fear is not dangerous.

Regret is deadly.

Forgiving is freeing.

That is what I know, and I know it for certain. So I will meet fifty at the door, and welcome her. She is only visiting for a year and I must realize I will never see her again when she is no longer with me. I will see what she has to teach me and I will learn. Life does that, it teaches. I will be a good student. I will not fold.