Fibro Killed the 80’s.

I grew up in the 80’s… yep, I’m pushing 50 years old. But, before we go there I wonder how many remember the 80’s? Big was everything! Big hair, big shoulder pads, big jackets, the only thing that was supposed to be small was the hem of your jeans. I’d pull my jeans as tight as I could on the bottom, put safety pins in the hem to hold them tight. The 80’s rocked ‘hair bands’ and excess. Madonna and Prince were also coming into fame.

I had big dreams too… I was going to be a doctor of psychology! I planned on being married with three children and going to Wimbledon to watch tennis. I would drive a Jaguar and wear crisp white suits, or black… but I’d have a signature look to go with my distinguished career. And I’d live in a very modern home full of glass windows and eclectic furniture. At 16 I had it all figured out, by 18 I was ready to begin!


If I only knew then what I know now… I got a degree in social work and criminal justice, I got married later in life and never had children. I don’t watch tennis anymore. I no longer wear suits to work. I’m on disability. I drive a Ford. I live in a stucco home that was built in 1907.


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Why bring any of this up? It sounds sad, really. Now that I actually read it. But it is not sad. I had dreams as a teenager. I was allowed to dream! And I honestly gave it a shot, before I was in a car accident that brought fibromyalgia knocking on my door…

It has taken many years and many tears to be able to say this, but I really do LOVE my life. I love my husband and I love my fur babies! I love writing blogs and being an admin of a support group. I never thought I’d publish a book? I did it! I published a book! The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia, Your Personal Journal. The road has not been easy, but who has traveled an easy road? No one I know. Life throws you a curve ball once in a while and you need to take a swing at it … never know, it could be a home run!



  1. I love the 80’s. Probably the best decade ever! I know probably to young to really remember much but I do remember some. I was born in 1979 so the 80’s were my childhood. It’s when I watch a movie or show that’s set in the 80’s and it just takes me back to this peaceful feeling. No rush , kids play outside , ppl actually talk to each other. Even The feeling of safety. I feel this and it makes me miss it. Miss my childhood. If only I could turn back time.

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