Charlottesville, A Red Herring?

I do not like writing about politics. I do not like writing about religion. But I’m sick of the wool being pulled over our eyes and I won’t stand by as Americans are led like lambs to the slaughter with false information and ignorant news casters reporting fallacies, not facts.

Do you know what a red herring is? It is a person, place or thing that purposely misleads the public away from relevant or important issues. A red herring is often intentionally used to lead people to a false conclusion like we live in a hate filled the world, this is a fallacy.

Many of us are still heart sick over Charlottesville. But I’d like to put it into perspective. I hope you will find comfort in the facts I have gathered from several sources then make up your own mind… was this a red herring to literally scare the American people?


It took six months to organize what was being called the “Largest White Supremacist Gathering in Decades.” A mere several hundred people showed up. And they were paid to show up. They were organized and trained to insight hate and they collected their checks for their performance. This whole sick show was a red herring placed in front of the American people to scare us, make us believe our country was falling apart, that people hated other people.

The man who organized this sick ‘rally’ was a fixture in the Clinton and Obama administrations. I won’t do him any favors by mentioning his name. He means nothing to me nor should he mean anything to you. He is nothing more than a man hired to do a job. This man put a red herring in front of the American people to scare us and he did what he was hired to do. I wonder who paid him to organize this sick, disgusting, idiotic, freak show.

The next day was a Sunday, 52 million Americans went to church and ALL were welcomed. All were gathered as a community to share scripture and commune with their fellow congregations. It was a day of worship, for 52 MILLION Americans.

In any given year, 62 MILLION Americans volunteer and 83% of Americans give to charity. Yet we are worried about a few hundred idiots that were paid to create a hate filled stunt. Shame on them but shame on us for giving them this attention!

See things clearly, a red herring is a red herring. America is not the few hundred sick people who got media attention in Charlottesville. It is the 145 million Americans of every race, gender, creed, ethnicity, religious belief, and orientation that go to work every day and get along. That is who our Americans are!

I am a proud American!

IMG_3178 2~Kim