What the Heck Do I Do Now?

So you have purchased The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia by Kim Johnson and Karen Anderson… or maybe you are still thinking about it? Why buy this book? Will one more journal do anything more for me? Let me tell you why we wrote this journal and share with you what others are doing, then you decide.

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This is a very basic journal, we share definitions and stories and then ask you to join in with answering questions and prompt you to write about your own fibromyalgia journey. Looks reasonable …


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Then you reach this page…IMG_3052

Sure. Easy enough, right? Maybe not. It is a blank page! What the heck do I do now? You write, draw, color, scribble, yell, cry! This is YOUR journal! You do whatever seems right at the moment. Don’t worry about penmanship, grammar, spelling! Just write. Get what you are feeling off your chest and maybe tomorrow you will add some different things or maybe in a year you will purchase this journal again and your answers will be completely different. However, you fill out this journal is the right way because it is yours!

Here’s a few examples, just food for thought… these are neither correct or incorrect, these are what the writers were feeling at the time. (And this is why the journal was left unlined, so you have choices on how to fill out your pages.)


The right way to use this journal is your way.

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