Deal the Deck

It is time to learn how to deal the deck and it is dealer’s choice!

Followers. Friends. Medicated. Not medicated. In a bad way. In the best mental state of their life! How do we deal with all these people? From all walks of life? How do we deal with the constant changing group in our social media settings? How do we deal with their issues and our own? How do we handle their struggles and our own? What if they are not healthy for us? What structure do we put in place to protect ourselves?

We deal, Joker is wild.

Many seek out social media to look for guidance. The guidance they have asked for but never received. Pleaded for but those pleas went unheard. It is not hard to offer guidance, a simple plan to ensure the reader receives validation. Every human being deserves to have their needs met and some guidance for the hard times, but not many get this. Offer guidance.

Some individuals are simply seeking out some sort of hope! Hope to them may feel fleeting and difficult to find let alone maintain. Hope is what keeps us alive! Make sure you leave your reader with an offer of hope. Things may be very bad for them at the moment… very bad. There is hope. Offer hope!

Often one is only seeking to understand. No one wants to feel misunderstood. It hurts! It wounds. When seeking out understanding and then not receiving it, the emotional price is high! Mis-understandings are insidious … creeping in on us, making our wounds deeper and deeper. Understand what your reader is saying, take the time… be that place for them to seek out that understanding!

In conclusion, remember the joker is wild. There will come a time when you run across an individual who is just mean and their agenda is to spread ill-will. They do not want guidance, hope, or understanding. They want to hurt you! Period. They will lash out at you as you are a source available to them on social media. This is when you use your wild card. You do what you need to do to stop the game, remove the player, bring in a new dealer… you hold the wild card. An individual that is not seeking out anything other than guidance, hope, or understanding is not your responsibility. You end their game. Because to them, this is all it is; an abusive game. Joker is wild.

You are the dealer and yes, it IS dealer’s choice.



    1. I think you’d enjoy it. It is a journal and you make up your own plan on how to live YOUR best life with fibro… we only offer ideas and definitions, and a few stories for good measure. There is a lot of journaling pages for ideas, doodles, etc… you make this journal yours. Thanks Mer! ~K.

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