Are you a P.W.W. kind of person?

Are you familiar with the P.W.W? Probably not because I am the founder and only member of this movement that I started today! I am the president and founder of the Pro-Whatever Works movement! (CEO, the Boss Lady, the Prez, Top Dog… ) The best thing about this organization is the only rule is – there are no rules. Be Pro-Whatever Works and you are officially a member! Not a joiner? That’s A.O.K! Then keep your opinions to yourself, don’t rain on anyone’s parade, and you won’t be a member or a non-member.

When you have a chronic illness, I firmly believe in this life you have to figure out what works for you as an individual. Only you know what your best life should feel like. I don’t even think you have to be RIGHT all the time. You can change your mind and try something else to see if that works better. You may happen across something that does. You may find out there is something you can use once in a while in conjunction to what you’ve already found that works for you to benefit you, this is your life.

We are all seeking relief from the constant pain that almost always accompanies a chronic illness. We seek relief and a purpose. A purpose to lift us up to feeling like we matter in this life. Seek and you will find! It will be your own path in this journey you are on with millions of other chronically ill folks. Where ever you find your path, I am on your side I am P.W.W!



FullSizeRender 56 ~Kim


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