Who is to Blame?

Why??? Why did I get fibromyalgia? My answer to you is “why not you?” We are ordinary human beings. We are fallible. Our bodies make mistakes! For Instance; cancer, one cell divides the wrong way, ONE time … the again, and tens of thousands of times more. BOOM! You have cancer. Did God give you a disease to prove some point? To test you? Nope. Nothing that grand. Your little human body made a mistake! Nothing ominous or mystical about injury, illness, or disease. Your body, my body … it simply is fallible. We are human.

A friend of mine was pregnant with twins, her water broke early and she was losing the babies. There would be no saving her twins. When her pastor walked into her hospital room, she said: “I am angry at God!” Her pastor said, “Be angry at God, he can take it!” He went on to explain that God was probably angry too, seeing my friend in such emotional turmoil and pain and knowing that these two little babies would not get their chance to enter the world. God was angry and grieving too, for His children. Her body made a mistake, it was not her fault and it was not Gods, it simply happened.


Your faith (be it whatever you decide that is) can bring you comfort when you are going through painful times. Loss, illness, disease. But. There is no one to blame. Our human bodies are fallible and mistakes happen. You may disagree. You may think otherwise! I’m OK with that. But know this, the God I pray to is love and love does not hurt.



  1. I catch myself doing this regularly in my mind. Trying to assign blame. Fruitless and pointless and never ending. I need to bottle up your wisdom and take a swig of it at those times. 😉 Beautiful words lovely lady. 🙂

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      1. Maybe it is. 🙂 Life is very funny that way. I do wish that there was a specific end in sight on your pain though. It makes my heart sad. DId you have any luck with the oil that you ordered?

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        1. I just got the oil. Only used it yesterday. Some relief. Trying to give it a good week then will report fully. Have a happy heart! Then again, it’s OK to be sad sometimes. We have to feel our lives, the good and the bad. I’ll let you know in a week my thoughts on this oil! Fingers crossed. ~K.

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