What My Husband Said to ME after I Said I was Sorry.

When you are chronically ill, every thing you attempt takes more time. You have to think through things before you do them. Sometimes you must stop and re-start, several times, because you cannot remember what step you needed to complete next. Due to the tenacity, it takes to do this, one event per day … one room cleaned, one appointment attended, one planned excursion … ONE. ONE. ONE. One task per day is all you can do because it takes all damn day to make it happen.

This leaves many tasks incomplete. If I do A then I do not get to complete B. (Or C, D, E, or F.) This is a problem for my Virgo self. I am a bit anal when it comes to keeping my home up and my errands were done. I have to learn to let that go. But I can’t. So I keep apologizing for an entire list of things I did not get completed as soon as my husband walks in the door. He has finally reached his boiling point with me. Not for the reason you’d expect! I certainly wasn’t expecting to hear what came out of his mouth …

What my husband said to me…



Point taken, my love. Point taken.




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