Who Made You the Leader?

The big buzz words; Kratom, Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN), hemp oil, and cannabis. Don’t know what they are? What the difference even is? All I can say is google away. There is information out there to boggle the mind! Good vs. Evil. Wrong vs. right. Legal vs. illegal. Natural vs. Synthetic. There is never-ending information about it all. I’m glad there is, I wanted to learn about these things, and I did. I’m not going to explain them in this post because I don’t want to say something wrong and kick the hornet’s nest. In fact, I just may be trying some alternative things myself. One never knows.

However, it seems like a lot of people these days want to play follow-the-leader and the big picture; do what works for you as an individual, is lost.

Do some reading and educate yourself! You may eventually have to take a side because there are huge groups who use alternative medicinal treatments. These groups are then slamming the drug companies, saying they promote addicting drugs. They compare what they take to opioids. Opioids create addicts … opioids are bad for you. Well, I use opioids. Therefore I must be an addict and bad?

I am not an addict, and I am not making a bad choice. I am an adult, and I have been given the responsibility to manage my pain with medications that I am using as prescribed by my doctor. I do not abuse my medications. Guess what, it can be done. I am doing it.


Kratom, LDN, hemp oil, cannabis … you’re an adult, you choose what you take and you live with your consequences. I live with mine! I get drug tested regularly and randomly. I have to physically see my doctor before I am given a new prescription. I have to sign a ‘contract’ that my medications can be cut off at any time. Why? Because so many groups have put pressure on drug companies claiming taking opioids to control pain is not right. So what is right? Your way? I really don’t care how you alleviate your pain. In fact,  I want you to alleviate your pain! I thought we were attempting to do the same thing and were wishing each other well! But that seems to no longer be the case.

Do not tell me what I should or shouldn’t take. Do not tell me how wrong I am to take a prescription painkiller or an antidepressant. You see, I’m just like you. I am doing the best I can with what I have to work with. As are you. Stop shaming the drug industry to make you feel better about your choices because you are restricting my choices. I’m not out there claiming every person who suffers from pain should be on opioids because “Hey!” they work for me! Why are you? I’m not second-guessing your choice of treatment for your pain, do not second guess mine. I finally have found what works for me after 20 years of battling this disease. I’ve made my choice. You make yours.








  1. This is a great post, I feel exactly the same way. I’ve been on opiates to help me control my fibro pain since 2013 and like you, I’m not an addict. I am responsible. I’ve tried many other things and have heard “I don’t eat gluten anymore and feel better!” Well, whoopie do for you!
    I’d be thrilled if you’d guest post on my blog, please email me, merbear864@gmail.

    – Mer

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