Then, he said…

Writer’s block anyone? Yes, this is not my idea of fun. I wrote every day, for almost 10 months… the last week or so, I am lucky to string two sentences together. If this had to happen, I am glad it is AFTER I have completed “The Shadow Boxers.” (My book.) But I still don’t like this feeling. I am at a loss for words… hollow. My mind seems to have just said, “stopping now.” This means my self-esteem has taken a hit as well. So I started reviewing some of my earlier blog posts …

Today, I want to share what I will call a “Jeff-ism”. I love my husband but sometimes… well marriage is work, after all. This man will all of a sudden come at me with his thoughts on a subject that blows my mind! He reminds me why I am completely in love with him.

Here is my first post, dedicated to my husband’s wisdom, charm, and unconditional love.

A “Jeff-ism.”


The man behind the words, Jeff.

My husband.



  1. I understand the writers block.
    I didn’t write every day, but I wrote at least once a week.
    often it would take me days to write just the right post.
    Then it went away. Suddenly I had no idea what to write about.
    and if I did think of something, I wondered why would anyone want to read it?
    Finally, I decided that what I can do is enough.
    When the words come, I will use them. But I won’t force them.
    I’ll still tell my story.
    I hope your muse returns soon.

    I think I love your husband.

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    1. I have to have the words come to me… I can’t just say, I’ll write something now. I was lucky the book was screaming at me to be told, and to make it into my favorite type of book, a journal… that was all fun! Tiring, but fun. Then the brain burned out. I hope I still have something in there to write about!

      I’m glad d you love my husband because if he doesn’t get our bathroom remodel done soon, He’ll be arriving at your house with a big red bow on top of his head and a note that says, “To Wen, I’m all yours!” (Don’t worry, I’ll send an instruction manual for the basics, the rest is up to you!) Oh, heck, I’d pick him back up in a day! I love him too! ha! ~Kim


      1. You made me giggle. I hope he gets it done soon, I don’t think I could handle 2 husbands. Ha!
        I hope the words come to you.
        I’m sure they will, they just took a little break.
        A respite after finishing your book.

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  2. Kim, Doing a happy dance for You as is our dog Sebster :-)! Your hubby is super special agree. Super gentle super congratulatory hugs to You, love Clara 🙂 Told you plenty of good karma would come your way 😉


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