It’s Real!

I started co-writing a book in November of 2016. I thought the writing process was difficult. To a degree, it felt traumatizing, memories of an accident and the years following trying to get a diagnosis. But the truth was, writing about it was cathartic. Not only did I face my demons, I put them in line and banished them one by one.

The publishing process has been demanding to say the least. My time of pouring out my story, thoughts, and ideas was over. The task at hand was grammar and punctuation! A tedious yet necessary process. I was not prepared for the amount of time-consuming work it took to turn my manuscript into a published book. But I completed it, somehow.

I want to share the cover! 


This is just crazy! The books will be available on Amazon by the end of July! I am starting to believe this is real.

64807706_High Resolution Front Cover_7239198

64807706_High Resolution Back Cover_7239198

The Shadow Boxers, Fighting Fibromyalgia, Your Personal Journal

Change your outlook! This new interactive journal adresses the day-to day challenges, showing you how to fight flare-ups, effectively cope with chronic illness, and participate fully in your life with fibromyalgia again.


d3a8d025-6c9b-46d7-a390-633c29bfc8b6 I am a Shadow Boxer! ~Kim

The Shadow Boxers Link to purchase on Amazon.


      1. Thanks so much Kim! You rock! If you hadn’t been so busy already I definitely would have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award; you inspire me and make me want to be a better blogger, but I knew you were already stretched thin. Wishing you much success on your book!

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