Fibro Fun!

Really Kim? Really…???

Fibromyalgia and fun do not belong in the same sentence. I know! But. (There is always a but.) When is the last time you did something fun? Something that made you laugh? Something that made you smile? Something … wait for it … that made you feel ‘normal’?

Plan fun.

I know you have to plan your every move. You must conserve energy for what has to be done. Who’s definition are you living by? What is on those lists you have to do? Who is the one that is making those lists? You Are! Plan something fun.

When was the last time you left your house for something other than necessity? When is the last time to went out to eat? To a movie? To a park? I’ll be honest, for me, it has been some time! Between writing a book, blogging and being an admin for a Facebook group… It has been awhile indeed! But. (There is the but again!) I happen to love my backyard.

I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. We have a rather large backyard, this is good as I have two rather large dogs! After inquiring as to the legality, we dug a fire pit in our back yard. Why? Because it is fun to sit outside in the evenings and watch the fire! Our neighbors usually make their way over when they see we have the fire going … it is impromptu fun!

White sage.

(Hint; burn dried sage in your fire pit, it’ll keep the bugs at bay, and your fire will smell nice too!)







As July 4th is upon us, remember to thank our armed forces! We celebrate Independence Day and they constantly defend it! I thank you all, the defenders, past, and present! God Bless the U.S.A.!


IMG_1376 (1)~Kim


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