I am Tired.

I am honestly doubting myself tonight. Am I strong enough to get through the next week? Every thing I am trying to do is crumbling around me and I just keep smiling and saying “yes,” “yes,” “yes!”

I’m trying to fix a line editor’s suggestions for my book, but I didn’t have the right program so I had to buy one and install it on a computer that continually freezes.

The actual work to get this book from manuscript to print is unbelievable. There is something to be done every single day for the publishing company, exhausting.

I can’t get my WiFi updated until Monday, it is only Wednesday…

I can’t sleep, my iron levels are low and my restless legs are raging! I need to go into the hospital for some iron injections but I won’t – yet, I know I can drop two more points before it is serious.

I have photos to rate on FOAP (don’t ask.)

I received a blogger recognition award that really made my day, but I don’t have time to do what it requires of me … I think I must decline it.

I was asked to provide some of my craft project pictures on a DIY craft site! I am thrilled but I can’t get my computer to cooperate.

I just became a member of a bloggers network, I haven’t put the time in that I should. I have a wealth of information at my finger tips, I just don’t know where to start? I don’t have the energy.

I briefly check in with my support group that I am a co-admin of. I’m not pulling my weight.

I haven’t walked the dogs, made supper or done a load of laundry in over a week … my husband never complains and THAT makes me feel worse!

My husband says I am in control of my guilt, he can’t help me with that … he nailed that one.

Am I strong enough to get through this week? Yes. But I am tired.

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