I Forgive … Me.

Have you forgiven yourself? Stop. Think about it… have you forgiven yourself? This is a chronic disease that was given to you. You did nothing to deserve this. I ask again, have you forgiven yourself?


Not being at your child’s school play or sporting event, not attending all the parties and family gatherings you said you were going to, not having a spotless home, or even a fresh shower every morning. What about not being a partner to your mate, not being able to meet all of their needs the way you used to? Do these things make you feel guilty? Worthless? Ashamed?

This is fibromyalgia shaming you, making YOU feel guilty and making YOU feel worthless! This is not who YOU are. The messages you are receiving about your “alleged” incompetence … the disease is the one talking. The things you did when you were able-bodied are the things that were taken FROM you. Taken! Get back up and figure out a new way of doing things.

Forgive yourself.

You are still present in your life! You are present in your child’s life and your partner’s life. You are a walking, talking, real human being with a heart and soul! Did you think your family would not love you anymore? Or is it … that they shouldn’t? Is that what the disease is telling you? The disease is a deceptive liar.

Forgive yourself.

This is the first step you will take in the process of leading a life filled with purpose. Forgiving yourself leads to acceptance. Acceptance means you can begin to lead your life in a positive and alternative way while dealing with your fibromyalgia. You will figure out how to partake in activities again, differently but with purpose. You will figure out how to do this but first, you must forgive yourself so you can get to the task at hand.

Forgive yourself.