Power Poem for Fibromyalgia Friday!

When I was a kid, I wrote all the time! Stories, poems, plays. I loved writing poems the best but I was never one to be able to sit down and just be able to write a poem. I couldn’t write on demand. Usually, all of a sudden, these words would come and intrude into my life until I wrote them down! I tried to always remember to have a notebook with me but sometimes a napkin, a paper plate, even the bottom of a milk carton would do!

It has been a very long time since these word ‘snowstorms’ have visited me. This has only resurfaced in the last year or so… but I am once again feeling the urge to write, the urge to make sense of these words that creep into my head. So, now I create what I call a Power Poem. This type of writing affords me the ability to write a concrete message that makes sense to me. Maybe some of these Power Poems will make sense to you too? I have posted a few of these in the past but Fridays, I think, will be Power Poem day on I tripped over a stone…


Enjoy your weekend!



  1. OMG… That was totally me when I was young. Words just came to me. A whole poem would just flow. I also LOVED writing books. I would give them to my cousins to read. Haha. Man I wish I still had everything I wrote as a kid. That would be so neat.

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