The Fog of Fibromyalgia

I am presenting this post on fibromyalgia fog, as a direct response to a blogging prompt from The Fibromyalgia Blogger’s Directory. The following blog is my response to, “What is fibromyalgia fog?” Please check out The Fibromyalgia Blogger’s Directory to see if you want to be part of this fantastic network of bloggers! Now on to my post; The Fog of Fibromyalgia…


Sounds fun doesn’t it? This is a symptom that accompanies Fibromyalgia Syndrome. These episodes of fog may or may not occur with a fibro flare. If you are diagnosed with fibromyalgia, you most likely will periodically experience fibro fog. I have my theory as to why we experience these fogs, but it is only a theory. Chemical imbalance? Dopamine receptors malfunctioning? Too many stimuli? Too much pain… whatever the case, check out time! You find yourself in a fog. It is frustrating because you are aware you are experiencing cognitive difficulties! A fibro fog does not increase the ever-present fibromyalgia pain, but it does make managing your pain more difficult.

You search for words, your search for familiar tasks, you search your memory, in and of itself! Many people think you are drunk or on some serious illegal drugs. Walking can become a challenge, dressing looks like a clown show, trying to complete a task or follow a schedule is almost impossible. Retaining any information is a joke and attempting to remember information is not achievable in this state of fibro fog. I can watch a movie while I am experiencing fibro fog and honestly not remember one single thing that happened. I do not remember I even watched the movie!

I really believe once everything gets to be “too” much; pain, stress, lights, smells, etc. Your brain simply goes into fog to attempt to alleviate the overwhelmed state you are in. I would go so far as to say fibro fog can be a fibromyalgia sufferer’s best friend but the scrutiny of those around you can make it a wicked, whiplash situation.

“Have you been drinking?”

“What are you on?”

“Do you remember what you said to me?”

“What the hell is wrong with you?”

Fibro fog. Fibro fog. Fibro fog.

Trying to be social while experiencing a fog is not advisable. Going out in public should be avoided. Never drive! Don’t call, don’t text, don’t write, unless you like a wicked whiplash coming at you once the fog has cleared. The fog will pass! The repercussions may not.

Protect yourself when you are having cognitive difficulties. Get through the episode and then move on. If during the fog you crossed paths with someone who doesn’t understand the state you were in, let it go. It’s not like you could explain it to them while you were experiencing the fog, your words have left you. They will either believe you or they won’t.

I have a little card I printed out, and I keep it next to my phone for just such uncomfortable occasions. I’m still experiencing some backlash because I did not know how to explain my fibro fog episodes. In the beginning, I did not even know what they were? Now I am prepared, and I want you to be prepared as well. Prepare!




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