Fibromyalgia Flare! Again.

The fibro flare is an increase in symptoms that one with Fibromyalgia Syndrome suffers from time to time. It is cyclic in nature, and although we can guess at what will trigger a flare, we can’t always see it coming.


A flare is intense, and it is painful. A flare is experienced differently by each individual just as the intensity of each flare is experienced differently every time you have one. A flare can come at you quickly and unexpectedly. This causes incredible stress that only intensifies the length and depth of the flare. Having a fibro flare is part of fibromyalgia. You will flare.

So what do you do? You prepare.

There is something called a Fibromyalgia Toolbox. What is it? There is no definition. A Fibromyalgia Toolbox simply consists of items or actions you use to get through a flare. Some have a special room with all the things that give them comfort surrounding them. Others have a favorite chair and may use meditation and/or games on their phone or iPad to play. Heating pads and tens units are favored by some. Some go directly to things of a tactile nature; sketching, crocheting, journaling. Others simply sleep. Sleep is what the body craves, but many individuals with Fibromyalgia Syndrome are unable to sleep through the pain. There are medications to consider for use during flares; muscle relaxers, opioids, medical marijuana. An alternative to medication is natural remedies; oils, teas, herbal supplements. The Fibromyalgia Toolbox is very unique according to the individual that is experiencing the flare.

This is my Fibromyalgia Toolbox;


This is what I keep in my Fibromyalgia Toolbox;


I am one of the unfortunate, ‘unable to sleep’ type of fibro flare individuals. I have to keep my mind busy, my surroundings quiet, and be able to move from couch to bed and back again. Sometimes we are at our family cabin, I am ready for traveling with my Fibromyalgia Toolbox, and that is why I picked a backpack. I always bring my backpack and portable DVD player, so I am prepared. I cannot stop a fibro flare, but I can control my reaction to it.

Fibromyalgia Flares happen. Again and again. Sometimes you realize you over-did it and now it’s payback time. Other times you are taken by surprise. Again, we can guess what may cause a flare, but there is no way to absolutely prevent one. Be Prepared. Take control of what you can and remember the flare will eventually end. It may be a day, a week, two weeks or more but the increased pain WILL END. Stamina. Just get through it by using whatever you need to because there will be another flare and another. Being prepared makes it less awful.

You got this!


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