We have all welcomed in the New Year and are coming off of the excitement of the ball drop on 2017. I did make a promise to myself, a resolution of sorts. Nothing fancy and not about dieting or working out! I want to “be.”

This year I want to “be” the person that I would want in my life. The wife, the friend, the sister, the aunt, the neighbor, the advocate, and so on…  I want to “be” the person I’d like to hang out with. Just because I want to “be” all of these things does not mean my life is perfect, my weight is ideal, or my lifestyle doesn’t need work. I don’t have all the answers, and there are days when I do battle just to make it through. But I can still “be” a good person, a person even you may want to know!

My sister suggested writing down one thing you are grateful for and placing it in a jar every day of the year for 2017. On New Year’s Eve, open your jar and see all you were grateful for in 2017. Wonderful idea! But let’s face it, 365 things to be grateful for? I’m not Oprah. I like the idea though, but I’ll tweak it.

I am indeed writing down one thing every day (OK, so I am 3 days in) that I want to remember of 2017. There will be things I am grateful for, quotes that I love, places I’ve gone for the day, and laughs with my hubby… all sorts of things that I will want to remember about 2017. And when I get to the end of this year, I will open my jar and every slip of paper will make it into a journal. A smash book to be specific. If you do not know what a smash book is, take a look at the net. It is the coolest thing!

There are many interesting people I meet and want to remember, some of them, are you! Yes, you, reading my blog! Your name will be going on a piece of paper and into my jar. I find that when I surround myself with people who have strong core values, they make me “be” my best self. I am present and engaged, not challenged to be perfect and right.

So here goes nothing! Remember the good, don’t dwell on the negative and “be.”


Live your best life!