Practice Koselig

Koselig is a Norwegian word, loosely translated meaning cozy. Koselig is much like the Danish word Hygee also meaning cozy. Since I am of Scandinavian descent, heavy on the Norse (yes we have lutefisk for Christmas), we will talk about Koselig. The practice of embracing all things cozy! If you practice Koselig, the winter blues may be held at bay! Winter is here so why not give it a try?

Koselig is a state of mind. A feeling of enchantment with all things that make you feel cozy. A warm fire, fleece blanket and a cup of cocoa. Koselig is not only things, a person can make you feel Koselig, a gathering can, a walk through a park on a wintry day can. When was the last time you went sledding, ice skating or skiing? Embrace winter!

With fibromyalgia, you may not always be able to participate in outdoor activities. You can take part in Koselig! Go with a big blanket and a huge thermos of hot cocoa and watch. Take delight in the laughter of sheer joy in the snow. Did you purchase that warm outdoor coat? What about those winter boots? The stocking cap, scarf, and mittens? If you live in the midwest you must! Spend the money and embrace Koselig!

Take a good look at your home. Is it cozy? No? Well, break out a little Koselig! Warm throws for the sofa, and knitted pillows. Warm lighting and awesome wool socks! No fireplace? Buy an electric one, great for those snowy nights when you are watching a movie or playing board games. Is your kitchen stocked with popcorn, snacks, and warm beverage options? There are many more warm drinks than coffee and hot cocoa. There are teas, ciders, and drink mixes. Explore. A piece of dark chocolate and a cup of Russian tea when it’s 12 degrees outside isn’t going to harm you, we are working on mental wellness here!

Russian Tea is one of my favorite winter drinks, you may substitute with sugar-free drink mixes or with something like Truvia, from the sweet stevia leaf. Most of us cringe when we see that a recipe calls for a sugary mix or, my lord no, sugar in itself! Sugar in its raw form should not be your biggest worry at this point in your life. Besides, you are not drinking the entire mixture containing sugar, you are having a few tablespoons.

Here is the recipe for Russian Tea, courtesy of



The holidays come and go. We are welcoming the New Year again and again. Try something different to get through the long winters, especially after the holidays. How about Koselig being one of those? From my home to yours, may your winter be filled with Koselig!

After a game of snow football! My husband with a few of our nieces and nephews.



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